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Understand And Manage Your Anger

Anger Management And TherapyAnger is very commonly perceived as a negative and sometimes dangerous emotion, anger can be dealt with in a very positive and healthy manner when better understood and properly managed.

Most people show hostility if they feel threatened, attacked, hurt or mistreated, and in some cases the anger we feel needs to be properly channeled. This is why it is important to first recognize and identify the anger, and then handle or resolve that feeling in a mature and healthy way.

There are numerous reasons for experiencing feelings of outrage and anger. Sometimes things happen to us beyond our control and we overreact; other times we may wake up feeling angry and not even understand why. Some people even feel a deep and unexplainable anger inside themselves that can’t be relieved or reckoned with no matter how hard they try.

In addition, sometimes people will try to suppress their feelings of anger, but this is of course a very unhealthy way handling it. The best thing is to redirect your negative feelings into something positive in place of being hurtful, mean or violent towards others or yourself. If you do not redirect your anger, you may experience more problems such as lashing out at innocent bystanders that have nothing to do with the situation.

There are two very important anger management tools to help you deal with anger and anger issues; these are self-awareness and self-control. First, you must know what you are feeling, understand what you are thinking, and then control those feelings and emotions by thinking about the consequences of what you are about to do… before you do it!

Once you have acknowledged your feelings, you can take then action to handle them appropriately and effectively. Channeling your feelings towards something positive, instead of ruminating in your anger is a great place to start. Solve your problems through healthy and results oriented actions instead of sitting, stewing, and getting angrier by the minute. There is a genuine reason you are angry, so acknowledge it and deal with it like a healthy and mature person.

As we all know, feelings of anger can make us say mean hurtful things, that can’t be taken back once the words have left our mouths. If you realize you have a problem controlling your tongue and temper, try finding a counselor or a therapist to help you deal with your feelings and live the life you deserve to live.

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