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Couples Therapy And CounselingMarriage Counseling, Couples Counseling And Therapy

Marriage counseling as the name suggests is a therapy for couples to improve their relationship, understanding and enhance intimacy. Marriage counseling is particularly helpful in resolving various conflicts leading to a successful relationship.

Marriage counseling will help you decide whether you want to continue together or put a full stop to your relationship. Marriage counseling is a short term therapy which most often involves both the partners and sometimes only one of them. However, the specific mode of counseling depends on the situation.

Why Marriage Counseling?

Marriage counseling can aid couples in attaining greater happiness and fulfillment in marriage, as well as helping per-marital couples work through their struggles and concerns. Couples living in together but not married can also seek marriage counseling to help resolve conflicts and move closer together.

The reasons people may seek marriage counseling or couples counseling may vary. Sometimes couples seek marriage counseling to strengthen their relationship and achieve a better understanding of each other. At other times couples seek marriage counseling to address various issues threatening their marriage. The issues may include:

  1. Substance abuse
  2. Communication barriers
  3. Sexual problems
  4. Anger
  5. Infidelity
  6. Financial problems
  7. Conflicts arising from extended families and child rearing

Remember divorce is not a solution to problems in marriage. It takes time to make relationships and it takes only a minute to break it. Marriage counseling also addresses domestic violence from a psychological standpoint.

However, if the degree of violence is more than you can bear, then counseling along with police interference is required. Sometimes couples seek pre-marriage counseling which helps them in understanding the bond of marriage and the responsibilities and changes that add up in one’s life.

Pre-marriage counseling is quite helpful as the couple will be already aware of the problems generally faced by married people. In this way they are better equipped to deal with the situation. However, it is important to remember that a relationship is a two way process and both the partners have to be considerate to understand the problems and take initiative to solve them.

What will You Learn from the Sessions

The skills that you will learn during the sessions include open communication, discussing differences in a proper manner and in rational terms and problem solving jointly.

Analysis of the positive and negative sides of a relationship will take place which will help you to understand where each of you stands. Sometimes the emotional baggage carried by the couples result in arguments. In that case the counselor will turn into mediator.

We understand that discussing about marital problems is not easy but you can definitely benefit by seeking marriage counseling before it gets too late.

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