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About Us 

The qualified therapists and counselors at Metro Detroit Counseling are ready to start helping you achieve the best version of yourself. With experienced professionals, you can trust that your journey and progress towards therapy is confidential, safe, and thorough. As many of our previous clients can attest, Metro Detroit Counseling is valued as a forerunner in providing personal and long-lasting results.

Unique: At Metro Detroit Counseling, we have a vast array of therapists, all experienced and specializing in various different fields. Whether you’re looking for family counseling, or something as specific as depression counseling, we make sure to pair you with a therapist that is qualified to help you see the improvements you’re looking for. We know that taking the steps to admit you need help is a challenge. Let us lighten the burden, and place you in the hands of someone who is ready to listen.

Committed: Emotions come and go, but memories last a lifetime. When you’re ready to tackle the problems that have been looming for an indefinite amount of time, we understand the seriousness of a therapist that is willing to stick by your side. Metro Detroit Counseling works with professional and certified therapists, who have outstanding reputations for their relationship building techniques. Tackling tough situations shouldn’t have a time limit, and your growth is encouraged. Metro Detroit Counseling will stay by your side, and hold your hand, every step of the way.

Exclusive: As a full-service therapy and counseling center, Metro Detroit Counseling is prepared for any situation you’re experiencing. Not every reason for therapy is dire, and we are here to help you work on lifelong issues that you’re ready to put to rest. Some of the areas our therapists specialize range from sleep deprivation to cognitive therapy, to help better suit your everyday life. The professionals at Metro Detroit Counseling know that every case, regardless of social value, is important and dire to you. With excessive focus and dedication to your journey, our therapists are guaranteed to help you achieve the results you’ve been looking for.

At Metro Detroit Counseling, we want you to know that we only exist to service your needs. Your reason for seeking counseling is a personal, specific, and emotional journey that needs no justification from us. We provide the tools and mental abilities to tackle any problems that you may face in the future, leaving you walking out of our office with a more peaceful mind. Let your thoughts come to rest by talking with one of our qualified and professional therapists today. Call Metro Detroit Counseling at (248) 269-9783