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Teenage Counseling And TherapyTeen Counseling

Every teenager faces loads of problems every day. Some of them are internal such as hormonal changes while others are external like being bullied at school.

Then they have the pressure of studies and career. So, a teenager’s life is not easy. However, there are ways to deal with these problems and teen counseling can really help in putting things into perspective.

Teenagers have to face both physiological and psychological problems. There are various reasons behind these problems which may include:

  1. Stress- every teenager is stressed due to various activities they are involved in. A little bit of anxiety is helpful to perform better but an overdose can lead to psychological problems.
  2. Violence- violence can affect the mind of a teenager in a negative way. Violence experienced by the teenager him/herself or witnessing it can be harmful for mental health.
  3. Break Ups- breakups among friends or someone special can leave a teenager feeling lonely and depressed. Usually they get over it but at times the pain remains.
  4. Medical conditions- sometimes medical conditions can also be responsible for the way you feel, behave and cope.
  5. Sometimes shyness can be a barrier in normal conversation or befriending others leading to extreme behavior.

Counseling for teens

Teen counseling involves certain therapies which when undertaken can relieve them of whatever mental condition they are suffering from. Generally a teen counseling session consists of individual, group and family therapy.

Depending on the seriousness of the issues single therapy or a combination of all these is done by a counselor. Individual therapy is a one on one session between the teenager and the psychotherapist. During the session the teenager will be asked questions to identify his/her problem zones.

The sessions last around 50 minutes followed by homework assignment. Depending on the problem the therapist might consider a consultation with parents or school counselor. Group Therapy is effective as it brings teenagers facing different problems together so that each of them can be motivated by seeing others.

Initially you might be skeptical about the sessions but once you start mingling with the group, it becomes easy and the sessions last around 90 minutes.

Finally the family therapy takes place where the entire family attends sessions and voices their opinions so that the counselor can gauge the problem and find out a way for better understanding. Teen counseling is helpful. However, taking the initial step might be difficult but once you begin with sessions you will feel the difference within you.

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