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Anger Management And TherapyAnger Management

Human civilization is going through a difficult time. Everyone seems to be frustrated and at wits’ end.

From school students to corporate tycoons and homemakers to homeless people- everyone of us lead a stressful life, irrespective of their socioeconomic statuses.

As a result, the pent up frustrations surface at any time and often results in unwanted circumstances.

Anger is regarded as the most lethal of all human emotions. So it is very important to follow anger management techniques prescribed by professionals because anger damages relations, makes you commit mistakes that you would not commit otherwise and at the same time it is not good for your health either.

So here are some anger management techniques that can help you keep things under control to some extent.

–  Identify that emotion, which triggers your anger– For an effective solution, you need to address the core of your problem. In this case, you need to know what causes your emotional outburst and then your problem has to be solved.

This is easier said than done because human psychology is very complicated. This is one science which has no definition. Every human being is an individual and each has their own set of emotional equations.

Often two emotions are linked to each other like from fear to anger, or two emotions merge into each other fear and frustration and result in anger. Sometimes even they stimulate each other like you get angry on yourself because you were afraid.

–  Document your anger episodes to analyze them when you are in your normal self– Keep a log of every outburst or anger episodes along with the reason, situation and duration. Also, mention your judgment on it, how accurate it was and how did you feel after the episode.

It will have two benefits- you will start evaluating yourself and secondly, when you seek professional help, the facilitator will get to know the situation and your stand on it in a better way.

–  Never impose dos and don’ts on your anger– When you are angry, telling yourself that it shouldn’t be done will make you feel guilty and may result in some other problem. Instead, address it indirectly. Start with deep breathing.

You don’t need to wait for any emotional episode, rather do it daily twice or thrice a day. When you feel anger accumulating within you start walking or running till you feel tired and your exhaustion takes over your anger.

If you can’t run, start climbing stairs counting each step. This will shift your focus. Meditation therapy works best provided you learn it from professionals and practice it regularly.

Having said all, nothing beats a counseling session with some expert anger management facilitator. Often talking to these counselors helps you discover those avenues which you had failed to recognize as a root cause.

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