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Grief Counseling And SupportGrief Counseling

Grief is a very common human emotion. Rather it can be said that grief is a reaction to some unfortunate incident, some loss of great magnitude.

Grief includes feelings like sadness, yearning, distress and if not addressed on time, may even result in melancholia.

Grieving is a very stressful phase as it strains you emotionally but it is very important to purge your bottled up feelings.

Graver the trauma is, longer would it take to heal the wounds without professional help, that is, grief counseling. Grief counseling helps you come out of that state where you keep yourself asking why do you have to undergo this suffering or whether it is but normal.

Then comes a time when you start believing that happiness is not meant for you and smile is not in your fate. Grief counseling instigates the feeling in you that you are not alone and you don’t need to grieve in loneliness.

Your facilitator will talk to you, identify your crises and help you out of your misery by talking with you. When bereaving, all you need is someone who will listen to you and share your woes. A therapist for grief counseling does the same for you.

Everyone in your surrounding does this in some or the other way but what your facilitator does has a professional touch to it which is why things start working when you come to them. Techniques of grief counseling may differ as per the severity.

Initially the counseling is done individually where the therapist would talk to you. Once you express your thoughts with a conviction that you will get rid of this mental state, the healing becomes easier.

Then a group is formed where other members are passing through this same phase. You share the same language- the language of grief, bereavement. You will start relating your trauma and pain with others.

The deep rooted feeling within you that you the cursed one to be undergoing this torturous phase starts eliminating because now you find a peer group. There is a therapist who manages your group or initiates a discussion where everyone shares their opinion or experience. But emphasis is given on impromptu discussions.

This is more effective than the choreographed one. Taking lessons from others’ experience, you start developing or improving your coping up skills which makes you strong emotionally, physically and psychologically.

No matter what kind of trauma you had suffered- heartbreak from a relationship, loss of your loved one, major setback career wise, or a huge monetary loss- you learn to come to terms with the reality. You come out of the cocoon and feel ready to confront the whole world, yet again.

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