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Marriage And Family TherapistAdding Reason to an Emotional Turmoil

A family just like any other social system might face a period of depression. And the struggle can arise out of any number of unique reasons from communication problems and power struggle, to infidelity and sexual dissatisfaction. Marriage and family therapy is offered to support individuals in relationship who are seeking to improve understanding and intimacy or on the verge of considering a separation.

When is marriage therapy recommended?

Marriage and family therapy is recommended immediately once a discontent arises in the relationship. However, studies have shown that on an average, partners do not look for therapeutic intervention until they have remained unhappy for nearly six years! And unfortunately, over the course of years, the problems only become more difficult and the wounds irreparable. In many cases, a couple may pursue counseling to facilitate their already certain separation in a more amicable and respectful way. It always helps when you have the good sense to take the plunge of a marriage therapy when a tricky situation raises its ugly head in your relationship. This therapy focuses on the relationship as a whole while encouraging every partner to focus on self-awareness and self-improvement.

Marriage and Family Therapy Concentrate on Communication

While addressing various aspects of a marital relationship, communication or rather the lack of it becomes the focal point of the therapy. When spouses repeatedly take recourse to frenzied power struggles or use conflict avoidance tactics, serious communication troubles ensue, resentment brews, and repairs can be never made. It has been recognized that in absence of adequate emotional patch up following arguments can lead to continuous disharmony, contribute to unhappiness, and ultimately result in divorce.

Marriage and Family Therapists in Metro Detroit

At Metro Detroit Counseling, we understand the pain and emotional ordeal you have to undergo with a straining marriage. Effective marriage and family therapy will address numerous aspects of your relationship. Our licensed Marriage and Family Therapists have years of experience in handling challenging relationships. They bring compassion, cooperation, and most importantly, perspective on board. They know that the primary step in healing and improving a marriage is teaching every partner to control their emotions, employ healthy communication, and stay calm to resolve the problems – old and new.

Our therapists will diagnose and treat the emotional disorders with consistent and regular counseling. Effective individually as well as in couple, this therapy will help you cope with marital pressures to eventually reach a happy equilibrium. Call (248) 269-9783