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Is Smartphone Addiction Causing You Stress At Work?

Are You Addicted To Your SmartphoneSmartphone addiction is a growing problem in the United States, and it is one that most people just aren’t acknowledging yet. Most scholars define smartphone addicts as those who check their phones more than 60 times a day, but even a small smartphone obsession could have negative ramifications in your life. Whether you are slightly addicted or severely addicted, your smartphone could be causing you stress at your work place. Here are some tips to help you minimize this stress at work.

Keep Your Phone In Your Car

If you have your phone in your purse, desk, or pocket, you might be tempted to check it multiple times a day. This will become a distraction for you, especially if you have a conversation going on on your phone. A simple fight with your spouse via text message could result in a bad day at work. Keep your phone in your car so you aren’t able to let it get to you.

Do Not Check Your Phone Before Work

You might want to look through your texts, emails, and Facebook messages right before work, but doing so is a bad idea. Any stress that may result from those messages is going to eat away at you in the office. You can check your phone at breakfast if you want to, but ideally, you should leave all that to the evening. Hopefully by that time, the problems from the morning will have already blown over.

Ask People Not To Contact You

Tell your friends and family members to avid texting or emailing you while you are at work. If they need to get a hold of you badly, give them your work phone number so they can call you. Yes, calling is an actual option that you still have in the modern world. It’s a crazy concept, but it just may work!

Leave Work At Work

When you leave the office for the day, consider yourself off work – actually off work. Don’t use your phone to talk to colleagues, answer work-related emails, or anything else along those lines. This will cause the stress from your work day to bleed over to your personal life. Enjoy spending time with family, and resolve your work problems the following day. The more you can separate work life and home life, the better off you will be.

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