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Overcoming Addiction And Addictive Thinking

Addiction And Addiction TreatmentAddiction is a harmful dependence for drugs, alcohol or activities such as sex or gambling that affect the day-to-day functioning of a person. For someone who struggles with addiction, there is a very strong compulsion which can only be satisfied through the source of their vice.

People who struggle with this dependence are often unaware of their condition and think their behavior is normal, harmless and the only thing in the world that proves their self-worth. Overcoming this is a tough process that requires determination and discipline; not only from the person suffering but from their friends and family as well. Beating addiction is tough and requires perseverance, and making the final decision to quit must come from within.

If you struggle with addiction, the first step is to admit and recognize your actions are destroying your life and possibly the lives of others, and then make a commitment to quit for good. No one else can do this for you, and it’s never easy to admit you have a problem. Also, it’s a great idea to list in writing the harmful effects your addiction has on you and your circle of friends and family. This important step will give you something tangible to refer to if you feel like you’re losing your way and slipping back into destructive behavior.

During this time of trail, you can pull out your list and remember all of the negative effects that your addiction has produced. Also, make a separate list of the positive changes you want to happen in your life and use this list of goals as a reminder of all the many benefits that you’ll have once you finally break your pattern of addiction and addictive thinking.

The next step to beating you addiction is to make a plan of action. Set a date and create a timetable of small attainable actions and goals you can accomplish to get one step closer to your final goal. Seek help from your family and friends, and if you think things are becoming too much to handle on your own seek out professional help without hesitation. With determination, help from others and guidance from family, friends and supports groups you can start identifying the triggers in your life and learn how to avoid them once and for all.

Remember, problems in life will always arise, but they are only temporary problems that need a healthy solution. Also, it’s always a great idea to volunteer or find hobbies and fun activities that will bring purpose to your life and the lives of others. Beating your addiction is a journey of highs and lows, but it can be done and can enjoy a better life free from the chains of addiction and additive thinking.

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