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Is Overeating An Addiction?

We Are What We Think And EatThere’s a big difference between being overweight and being morbidly obese. Once you reach any level of “obesity,” you know that you have a problem you need to correct. For some, it’s a matter of eating too much. For others, it’s a matter of eating the wrong food without working it off. No matter what your situation may be, you have to consider what is triggering you to eat the way you do. Is overeating an addiction? If so, what can you do to get past it? That’s what we aim to answer.

The Science Behind Overeating

Recent studies suggest that eating fast food and food high in fat or sugar could alter the chemistry in your brain. This food stimulates an area of the brain that controls cravings, making you feel hungry even when you aren’t. This isn’t the only factor that contributes to overeating, but it could be part of the reason why you feel the need to consume food despite how full your stomach may be. Adjust your diet, and your tummy might start thinking for itself again.

The Habit Behind Overeating

A lot of heavy people come from other addictive lifestyles. They may have been raised in a house of alcoholics, or they may personally have a history with drugs. The habit of addictive behavior can transition from one activity to the next, and it may even include the interaction between you and your partner. Addictive relationships and addictive eating make for a bad combination.

The Emotion Behind Overeating

There has to be some reason why you want to eat more than you should. Some patients find comfort in food because it provides them with temporary pleasure. They might turn to food when they are feeling depressed, left out, forgotten, or alone. Other people eat in a certain way to feel in control of their lives. They may be in an abusive relationship where their partners are in control of other elements of their lives. Eating makes them feel powerful, and that power is addicting.

Identifying The Addiction

If you look to food for comfort, power, or any other emotion that food simply should not be associated with, you have an addiction that could hurt your health in the future. You need to get down to the reason you are eating in an unhealthy way and fix the core issue. Find something new to fill your time and keep you happy, and work on improving your eating habits along the way.

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