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Sleep Away Your Relationship Woes

Sleep Deprivation And Getting SleepIt is no secret that sleep deprivation is detrimental to your everyday life. Busy adults are constantly finding ways to combat their lack of sleep with additional caffeine and other stimulants. Unfortunately, these tactics only work for a short period of time, thus starting the sleep deprived cycle all over again. Knowing that a lack of consistent sleep (ideally 7-9 hours a night for an average adult) can be damaging to your everyday life, it is safe to assume that it is also affecting your relationships. Here are five reasons why getting more sleep could lead to better connections:

  • Get Your Beauty Sleep: Getting more sleep results in a better looking you, and people are more inclined to pursue others who are more physically appealing. Well-rested individuals allow their bodies to rest and regroup, giving off a healthier vibe and glow.
  • Less Sense Of Humor: Less sleep means you’re less likely to laugh and be engaged in humorous conversation. To understand comedy and humor requires a certain level of cognitive ability, which may not be as efficient if you are sleep deprived. Getting more sleep will allow you to be more involved, aware, and laughing away!
  • Happiness Suffers: The amount of sleep you are receiving can be a direct result in how happy you are with your significant other. Well-rested couples tend to live happier and more positive lives, putting less strain on a relationship.
  • Increase In Conflict: Consequently, while more sleep leads to a greater happiness, less sleep would result in more conflict. Negative emotions can stir in sleep-deprived minds more quickly, leading to less productive and successful arguments. Trying to resolve a conflict and issue on limited sleep can be difficult, as it is quick to dismiss your partner’s suggestions and ideas.
  • Make Better Decisions: There are tough decisions to make in any point of a relationship, and it is important to make sure you’re coming to conclusions with a well-rested mind. To allow your mind to clearly make sophisticated decisions, your body needs the time to sleep and eliminate any discourse.

Overall, sleep plays a large role in how we handle any aspect of our lives. It affects all of our decision-making abilities and how we expect things to turn out. Sleep deprivation can make couples distracted, inattentive, short, and less motivated to keep a relationship going. These problems can ultimately result in a lack of romance or the end of the potential future. Take sleep seriously in order to keep your relationships close!