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Because It’s Easier To Hide

Isolation And Alone TimeWhen you look over at the people who are social and chatty, you wonder to yourself, Why can’t that be me? These people are likeable, welcoming, and seem to have everything. They’ve been given all the right chances and rarely burned down. But, you know all too much how it feels to get knocked on your feet, time and time again. It’s no surprise that now, you’re reclusive, your world is small, and you participate less. Surprisingly common in older people, who feel like a shell of their youth, the energy and will is hard to find. However, there are alternatives to feeling like a recluse and will help you find the strength to tackle the world around you.

  • Accept Solitude: Typically, those who like being alone are not afraid of the outside perception of their solitude. Society teaches us to be active and social, when in reality, sometimes aloneness is all you really need. The option of having a solitary life can be rewarding, allowing you the freedom to choose your path on your own terms. You don’t have to make compromises with the outside world, ensuring that you do what you what, when you want, with you who you want. Of course, there are paths that connect social activity with a healthy life, but it doesn’t have to be exclusive. If you feel comfortable being alone, and you have a fit lifestyle, the fear of being alone shouldn’t be present.
  • Allow Yourself To Be Picky: If your life has a history of bad treatment and harsh social interaction, the typical behavior would be to hide in solitude. However, the solution to this issue may be in becoming more selective about where and who you associate yourself with. Some people are not worth your time, mental health, and should be removed form your life. Don’t feel pressure to keep up relationships that are not perpetuating healthy outcomes in your life. Find those around you who make you happy, spend more time with them, and learn how to spot unhealthy situations faster.
  • Change Your Perception: You already know that the world has been cruel and unkind to you, but have you tried looking at your situations from a different angle? Try looking at any positive spin on a situation, just to see if you can find more happiness when negative events do arise. Look back on your life, and find positive moments during each milestone of your life.

While this is all easier said then done, by taking the steps to embrace who you are and adapting healthier activities into your lifestyle, can make a world of difference.

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