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Understanding Depression

Understanding Depression And Its TreatmentUnfortunately, sadness is a part of life and a normal emotion most people have or will experience. It is often associated with depression, but the two are actually not one in the same. Sadness is an emotion, while depression is an ongoing condition that requires professional treatment and sometimes medication.

Please understand, depression can be different for everyone, and correctly diagnosing and treating depression requires professional training. The following symptoms are the warning signs, and but remember people generally do not experience all of the symptoms at once:

  • Hopelessness And Negativity – Everything in the world is bad and things will never get better.
  • Anxiety – Intense feelings of anxiety, loss of control and worry are usually attached to depression.
  • Anhedonia – The loss of interest in pleasurable things. What used to be enjoyable no longer is. There can be a loss of appetite and sexual drive.
  • Restlessness And Irritability – There is no contentment. Due to no sleep, your temper becomes very explosive.
  • Loss Of Appetite Or Overeating – Depression can cause eating disorders. People either lose all interest in food which results in a dramatic weight loss or they binge eat which results in a significant weight gain.
  • Sleeping Problems – People diagnosed with depression may suffer from insomnia or some may spend most of the day sleeping and do not get out of bed. If your sleeping pattern suddenly changes, this could be a red flag.
  • Suicidal Thoughts – Depression is often associated with suicide because of feelings of hopelessness, sadness and despair.
  • Difficulty Concentrating – Your thoughts are fleeting. You find it hard to remember things or make decisions about small, everyday items that were once quite easy.
  • Physical Symptoms – The physical effects of depression include headaches, stomach issues and unexplainable aches And pains.

Depression is complicated and it affects the way people think and perceive their lives. It includes unwanted feelings that can lead to questioning the point of life and even suicidal thoughts. People who are depressed feel anxious, guilty or worthless. They hate themselves and their lives and many times are in emotional turmoil and physical pain.

There are many unknowns about the origins of depression, but experts agree the causes of depression are a mixture of genetics and the environment. Depression can also occur due to illness, grief, divorce or some other traumatic experience. Dysthymia and depressive disorder are the two main categories of depression, and the types of depression a person is diagnosed with will determine right type of medical treatment and solution.