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Understand, Manage, and Channelize Your Anger

Anger Management And ControlAnger is something that can seriously ruin your reputation and your chances of leading a happy and healthy life, unless it is kept under control. Anger has innumerable consequences which have quite negative connotations. And thanks to the increasing dialogue about the problems of anger across popular media like cinema, discussion forums, and social networking we have come to understand that unless properly channelized, your temper can successfully hijack your life.

Understanding Anger

The sentiment of anger is perfectly normal and healthy. It is natural that you feel angry if you have been wronged or mistreated. The problem lies not in the feeling but you reaction towards it. When anger starts to harm you or people around you, then it definitely becomes a problem. It is your responsibility to control your anger to start living your life to the fullest.

Because moving forward from your life, unresolved anger can leave serious health consequences including heart attack, chronic high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and indigestion – the list is simply exhaustive! Appropriate expression and control of anger can help you create better relationships, achieve your aims, and lead a more satisfying and healthy life.

Dealing with Resentment and Anger

The process of anger management may seem intimidating at first! However, it is equally gratifying and energizing at the same time. All of us have physical reactions to anger. Realize what your body is informing you and take the necessary steps to compose yourself.

  • Recognize the signs – You breathe faster and your heart races quicker, setting you up for all the action. You might perceive other visible changes like tension and straining of your shoulders or clenching of your fists.
  • Count to 10 – A time-tested formula that still yields results! Counting to ten will give you the requisite time to calm down for clear thinking and overcoming the persistent impulse to shout.
  • Breathe slowly – Breathe deep and slow. Breathe out or exhale for longer and relax completely. It is normal to breathe in huffs than breathe out when you are angry. The solution lies in exhaling deeply more than taking in. This process helps you in effectively calm down and think clearly.

Anger Management in the Long Run

Once you recognize the multiple signs of anger, it is time you start exploring ways that help you curb your anger in the long run. Regular exercise, breathing, creativity, and relaxation are the keys to nip a potent anger management problem in its bud.

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