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Treating Trauma Within The Family

Part 2

Family Trauma CounselingWhile determining if a condition is considered traumatic can be difficult, there are a few techniques for who clearly need assistance. Talk therapy has proven to be an effective method of trauma treatment, and significantly minimizes symptoms of PTSD. This type of therapy can also alleviate stress on both the mind and the body. Another effective method for handling trauma is cognitive therapy. This is by changing the perception of the trauma, which is negative, into positive outlooks for the future. Exposure to virtual reality situations also showed an improvement with those suffering from trauma and PTSD. While trauma is not typically handled with prescription medication, an average blood pressure pill also showed to improve symptoms for those with extreme PTSD. Research is growing and improving the way we look at how to handle and treat trauma, even before it starts.

Another study showed that passing on trauma to your children might not be a negative experience. For example, children of Holocaust survivors were less prone to experience PTSD symptoms, when experiencing a traumatic incident in their own lives. This may be due to the fact that these children were raised with more coping techniques, consequently due to the horrific situations their parents experienced.

Stop Trauma From Taking Over

While the research shows that trauma can potentially be passed on to future generations, there are ways to stop this from happening. Here are a few steps you can take, if you feel that you are experiencing trauma or would like to be more proactive with trauma victims:

  • Assisting Trauma Victims: Mental health is a very serious issue, and affects everyone differently. Whether at war, or at home, by assisting those who are experiencing trauma by making their days easier, can be the biggest help they need. Advocate for more research and spread the word to help eliminate stigmas that are surrounded by mental health and traumatic victims.
  • Remember The Veteran’s Families: Military personnel experience a level of trauma that most of us cannot imagine. However, it is easy to forget the families of these service men and women. Helping the partners and children of military families, can alleviate any secondary traumatization from occurring. When the family is able to stay strong, the veteran is able to become stronger.
  • Children First: Children who live with parents experiencing trauma need to be reassured that this is not because of their presence or doing. These children are not able to control the situation, and should have their own set of resources to help. Likewise, children should be encouraged to verbalize their feelings, in order to work through confusing situations.

While there are many ways to handle trauma, and each case is unique, these few tactics can help you make more steps towards taking control of your trauma. Remember, if not only for you, but for the good and well being of your family.

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