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The Struggle Of Dating Someone With Anxiety Disorder

Dating Someone With An Anxiety DisorderIf you do not have an anxiety disorder, you might find it difficult to date someone with this condition. This is far from an impossible task to take on, but you need to spend some time understanding your new partner’s situation before you react poorly to it. You could either help this person conquer elements of anxiety or become even more anxious than before. It all depends on your actions. Here are some tips for dating someone with anxiety disorder.

Understand That Anxiety Is Real

If you don’t suffer from anxiety, you might assume that your partner’s comments and actions are just excuses not to go out. It’s easy to feel ignored and rejected when you’re dating someone with anxiety, which is why you need to understand that this is a real problem your partner is facing. This is not an effort to get attention or get away from you. It’s a genuine struggle that you have to respect.

Encourage Your Partner To Break Out Of His Comfort Zone

Some people with anxiety become so secluded that they rarely leave the house. You might be able to help your partner conquer some of these emotions by encouraging him to break out of his comfort zone. With this in mind, you can’t be so pushy that you end up making the person even more anxious than he was before. Do your best to highlight the positive things that could come from a new adventure, and try to approach it in a way that makes him feel comfortable.

Be Vocal In Public

This may not work well for the first few dates, but eventually, you might become the outspoken person in the relationship. You can’t do this so much that the other person becomes dependent on you. Rather, you need to try to help whenever you notice your partner struggling to communicate. You might order food at a restaurant or ask general questions while shopping because your partner is introverted. Chances are this will be a role you excel in.

Try Not To Get Annoyed By Anxiety

You will eventually get tired or respecting your partner’s anxiety. It happens every single time. It may take months or even years for you to feel this way, but it will happen. When you finally start to feel like the other person in your life is a nuisance, try to think about all of the good qualities he or she has to offer your life. If you keep that in mind every single day, the good will soon outweigh the bad.