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The Secret To A Long Lasting Marriage

Happily Married Couple Marriage CounselingOnly 35% of marriages reach their 25th anniversary, and only 6% make it to their 50th. Those statistics aren’t a great sign for the U.S. One of the main reasons why so many couples end up divorced in this country is because they rush into marriage without learning how to communicate with one another. If you start your marriage on the right track, you will have a much easier time making it last. Here is the secret to a long lasting marriage, right from the start.

Establish Roles In The Relationship

You and your partner have to establish roles for one another in your relationship. This can happen long before you get married. These roles don’t have to be set in stone, but there has to be some sort of established responsibility for each person. If you don’t identify what each person needs to do in your relationship, someone will end up expecting more than the other can provide. If not, one partner will feel underappreciated and overwhelmed. This can lead to a lot of fighting, and it may spark your future divorce.

Talk About Your Problems When They First Come Up

One of the worst things you can do in a marriage is bottle up your emotions. This is natural to do early on in a relationship because you don’t want to fight, but that fear of fighting will fade over time. If you hold your tongue too much, you will eventually explode in a fit of rage. It may be difficult to talk about issues when they arise, but that is the only way you can surpass them.

Be Willing To Compromise

You’re not always going to be right in your relationship, even though you may feel like you are. There are times when you need to learn to compromise about something you feel passionate about. This doesn’t mean that you should be the only one making sacrifices in the marriage. It just means that you need to give as much to your spouse as you expect in return.

Remember Why You Got Married In The First Place

What was it about our spouse that got you to say, “I do”? Was it his smile? Her laugh? His fatherly instincts? Her womanly charm? Whatever it was, try to look back on that when you’re in the middle of a heated argument. All it takes is one memory to ease the tension in a fight. If you can repeat this every time you get in a major argument, you will have more good times than bad with your spouse.