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Stay At Home Husbands And The Modern Day Marriage

Stay At Home Dad With Two KidsRemember back when every family in America looked like they were pulled from Leave It to Beaver? The men went out to work, the wives stayed home to raise the children – it was the same for every house on the block. Over the past decade or so though, there has been a dramatic shift in the way households operate. Men are starting to stay home while their wives act as the primary breadwinners. They’re breaking a tradition that has been around since the cavemen.

While this shift may be troublesome and downright aggravating to members of the Leave It to Beaver era, it is considered normal and understandable in younger generations. Part of this is due to the feminist movements that have caused women to feel powerful and proud to work. If their hard work brings in more money than their counterparts, they may be the ones heading off to the office every morning.

When This Setup Works

The stay at home husband setup works well for couples with confident men who do not mind staying at home to do chores and take care of the children. Some men feel the need to provide for their families because that is what they have been indoctrinated to believe. Others are able to get past that idea because they genuinely don’t care what others think of their marriages. If your husband cannot cope with the idea of staying at home, don’t force him to. It will only cause him to feel depressed and eventually lash out on you.

This setup also works best when the woman of the house makes more money than her husband. For instance, if you are a lawyer and your husband is a school teacher, chances are you make much more than he does in a year. If your income is sufficient enough to pay for the household, you may consider having your husband stay home.

Facing Judgment As A Stay At Home Husband

Much of society frowns on the idea of a man who does not provide for his family financially. They see him as weak, lazy, unproductive, and even worthless. If you are in that predicament, you cannot let other people’s opinions undermine what you feel is right. If you enjoy the way your marriage is set up, trust in it. The only thing that matters in the end is how you and your wife see the marriage. Keep it strong, and people will learn to accept it.