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Signs You Need Depression Counseling

young sick looking man suffering mental disorder or depressionDepression affects nearly 1 in 10 Americans, and that number increases by 20% every year (Healthline). Despite the rising prevalence of depression in the U.S., 80% of people who have clinical depression symptoms do not seek treatment for their condition. Much of this may be the result of not understanding the signs of depression to seek help at the proper time. In this discussion, we will help you see if you need depression counseling so you can get the treatment you need as soon as possible.

Feeling Hopeless And Helpless

Do you spend a large portion of the day feeling helpless, hopeless, worthless, or empty? If so, you may have major depressive disorder or another type of depression. People suffering from depression often feel that there is no hope for getting out of their current situation and nothing they can do will help them feel better in the long run. With proper counseling though, you can learn how to overcome your emotions and get to a better place in life.

Sleepiness And A Lack Of Energy

If you feel tired and lethargic throughout the day, even after a good night of sleep, you may be suffering from depression. You may have a difficult time falling asleep at night, or you may wake up feeling groggy. Small tasks seem like huge undertakings because you feel physically drained and weighed down.

Difficulty Concentrating And Making Decisions

You may feel like small decisions are big undertakings because of the strain your mind is going through. Depression may lead you to have lapses in memory or a difficult time focusing on important tasks. Clearing your mind of the source of your depression may help you think more clearly so you can regain your focus for the future.

Self-Loathing And Self-Depravation

This is a clear sign that you need depression counseling, when you harshly criticize yourself for simple mistakes. No one is perfect, but at this point, you hold yourself to unattainable standards – or you see issues as faults that are not as extreme as you think they are. If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, you may feel guilt for moments of happiness or for simply being alive. These are all signs that you are depressed.

Anger And Irritability

Are you quick to snap at someone because of your short temper? Assuming that was not always the way you reacted to day to day situations, your sudden irritability may be the result of depression. You may have a low tolerance to noises or activities that you didn’t mind before, or you may feel like people are patronizing you when they ask simple questions. Even if you don’t notice these symptoms, chances are people around you will start to point them out to you, or they may remove themselves from your social circle.

Substance Abuse And Addiction

If your depression has led you to gamble, drink, or do drugs, it’s time to speak to a counselor. You may also engage in reckless activities, like extreme sports or fast driving. These may not be forms of substance abuse or addiction, but the “high” you get from the activities is designed to achieve the same results. Instead of filling your emotional void with dangerous behaviors, you should work with a counselor to get to the root of your emotions and conquer your depression from within.

Insomnia Or Hypersomnia

Depression may cause you to change your sleeping habits, either by sleeping too much (hypersomnia) or not sleeping enough (insomnia). You can take medication for both conditions, but that may not get rid of what is causing you to adjust your sleep in the first place. With depression counseling, you may be able to overcome your sleep disorder without the need for medication.

Disinterest In Daily Activities

Do you feel like nothing really matters, like everything you do in life has no purpose? This disinterest in the world and your day to day activities may begin to hold you back in life. You may lose friends and family members, or you may begin to become less productive at work or at school. When depression starts to put a block on your success, it’s time to talk to someone about your feelings. Depression counseling will help you understand your own emotions better so you can start to be a part of life once again.

If You Think You Need Depression Counseling, You Do…

The fact that you are reading this post is a sign that you are contemplating depression counseling. There is nothing to lose with this process and a lot to gain. Speak to a depression counselor about your feelings so he or she can work with you to get to a better place in life. With the right guidance and support system, you can conquer your depression and start to feel like yourself once again.