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Strengthen Your Bond Of Love By Seeing A Marriage Counselor

Marriage CounselorIt is a well known fact that almost 50% of marriages in USA end in a divorce. However, it need not be so all the time. True, sometimes the partners locked in a marriage may not actually be made for each other but in majority of these cases, the couple may still love each other yet remain clueless about how to resolve the internal conflicts that arise within their marriage. There is no need to think that you are deficient in any way once you seek marriage counseling. You are merely taking your problems to a professional equipped to help you and retain the social bond of love.

Who Needs Marriage Counseling?

  • Any couple facing long term problems in their marriage that do not help them retain the respect and love they once had for their spouse.
  • Couples who bicker and blame the other partner constantly without communicating properly to each other.
  • Spouses who found themselves in one conflict after the other so much that quarrelling with each other becomes normal for them.
  • Persons who face physical and mental abuse from their partner. Both the abusive spouse as well as the abused one requires counseling sessions here. Individual sessions as well as group counseling is effective in solving problems which end in violence.
  • Couples who have to stay away from each other due to work pressures for long hours of the day. Long distance marriages are also difficult to sustain and need regular marriage counseling more often than not.
  • Couples who are from broken homes with one or both of them having witnessed acrimony between their own parents while growing up.
  • Second or third marriages where one or the other partner suffers from anxiety and an inferiority complex.


The counselor tries to make the couple communicate with each other regularly and share their emotions as well as warm memories. The mental bond is the focus here rather than the physical relationship.

The Method

Marriage counselors usually try to make both the partners relieve their negative feeling which have been lurking in their mind since childhood and helps them to understand how problematic it is for their marriage. He/she then proceeds to teach them how to resolve their conflicts in a healthy way by listening and understanding the other point of view.

Marriage counseling is not only confined to young and mature couples who have been married for less than 5 years though. Counseling can also help senior couples, childless ones, spouses with many kids as well as couples who have been together for decades.