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Relax And Enjoy

Have Some FunLet Life Become a Lifetime of Fun!

It is a bizarre experience when you start recognizing the ominous signs of life draining out of your existence and nothing can salvage the situation. It is time to sit back and evaluate exactly what has gone wrong for life to seem nothing but drudgery. Whether you are a homemaker busy keeping house, raising children, or a man entirely consumed by work – this agonizing feeling of life slipping out of your hands can lead to create a never-ending cycle of anxiety. If you are stuck in such a situation, the first thing you must understand that not all is yet lost. This realization is the first step towards making a positive change in your life.

The Psychology of Recreation and Play

In this work-weary and stressed out world nothing sounds more ironical than a brief sojourn for a ‘playdate’. If you are wondering about the concept, think again! Recent researches show that playing or hobbies in general are the best tools to keep human brains stimulated and their souls enthused. Active play is a state of mind that enjoys a timeless appeal and remains essential for humans. This is an attitude of wonder and curiosity. Play also builds skilled, complex, socially adept, flexible, and responsive brains by creating new and rich neural connections in that works together in innovative ways.

Family FunAll Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

Animal studies have shown that young rats who are denied play, fail to respond to their surrounding environment and their brains have abnormal development. Similarly, a research on human beings shows that people who refrain from playing or do not have an active pastime are frequently joyless, and workaholics. And at the core, they are depressed. Reclaiming our playful nature can help in ushering in new hopes in your life.

Though in the modern world, play is looked down upon and has been considered very much out of fashion. Work has developed into a religion that provides people with a sense of purpose and identity. Time has forever been fragmented and the hassle of creating an optimum work-life balance has only added to our struggle. Leisure is often observed as unproductive, silly, and useless. However, researches prove otherwise.  As we play, we create more positivity in our life that also prepares us to sustain the grind and struggle of life. Find and indulge in a leisure activity that provides nothing but sheer happiness!

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