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Lifestyle Changes To Reduce ADHD Symptoms: MI ADHD Counseling

reduce adhd symptoms

Sometimes all it takes is a simple lifestyle adjustment to significantly reduce a child’s ADHD symptoms. By changing his activities, diet and daily routines, you can improve your child’s ability to focus and learn. Combine this with professional ADHD counseling, and you will see a tremendous change in your kid’s behaviors. Here are some tips to get you started.

Limit Time With Electronics

Video games, smartphone games, YouTube videos and other forms of electronic entertainment can worsen your child’s ADHD symptoms. You don’t have to cut out electronics entirely, but you should limit the amount of time your child spends watching TV or playing on the computer. You may set aside a certain time of day for your child to play or create scheduled breaks from electronics. Use these moments to play outside, spend time with the family, and burn off that extra energy.

Find A Physical Activity Your Child Enjoys

Sports, gymnastics, swimming, running, jumping on a trampoline – there are plenty of opportunities for your child to be physically active. Many children lack focus because they have so much energy stored in their systems. Giving them an outlet for that energy will help them pay attention during school and behave better at home. Even something as simple as going on a walk with you will do wonders for your child’s treatment.

Keep Sweets To A Minimum

Sugary foods tend to make ADHD symptoms worse because they increase the energy your child has naturally. You can give your child a snack every once and a while, but try to limit sweets as much as possible. This also includes sugary drinks like soda and sports drinks. Stick with water and a well-balanced diet of fruits and vegetables so your child’s mind and body can develop properly.

Figure Out How Your Child Learns

Not every child learns the same way. Schools do not always have the ability to cater to each child’s unique mindset, but you can at home. If there is a subject your child is struggling with, see if you can find a different teaching method that works for him or her. Visual aids and real-life applications may be better to understand than words on a piece of paper. If you can tap into your child’s ideal learning environment, you will make him feel more confident in school so the ADHD doesn’t hinder his learning.

Talk to your ADHD counselor in Michigan for more tips on how to reduce your child’s symptoms.