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“I Need Some Space”

Set Aside Some Time For Personal SpaceIntroverts alike can agree that sometimes setting boundaries can be a challenging task. Often times, people will stumble across what they really mean, recite excuses, and can come across as offensive.

It can be a challenge to articulate that all you need is space and distance, without the ability to find the right words. Before you decide to come up with another irrelevant reason for your “me time,” try these helpful tactics to get your point across instead.

Saying No To Friends

Are your friends begging you to go out, but all you really need is peace and quiet? Don’t create other fake commitments, but rather tell the truth. Ultimately, your desire to stay home has nothing to do with them, but completely to do with you.

  • I’m going to work on some “me” time tonight.
  • I’ve had a really long day, I think I just need to hang out on the couch tonight.
  • Can we try for another time? I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend.

Leaving The Event Early

You came, you went, you saw, and now you’d like to go home. Your friends are pulling you back in, urging you to stay “just a little longer.” If you know that you’re ready to head out, then there is nothing else that you’ll care to miss. When you’re done, you need to stay persistent.

  • I think I’ve had all the fun I need for tonight.
  • I’m exhausted; it’s really time for me to retire for the night.
  • Don’t let me embarrass myself by dozing off on your couch.

Declining Group Invitations

Initially, the group invite sounded like a great idea, especially if you’re single and have the energy. However, not every outing is for you, and deep down you may really not want to participate. Try these phrases next time, to decline the event, but spare the individuals inviting you:

  • I’m really not feeling a group thing. We should get dinner instead.
  • It sounds like fun, but I think I would prefer just spending time with only each other.
  • I’m going to take a rain check on this one, but maybe you and I can get together later in the week.

When You’ve Already Committed

If you’ve made a point to make plans with a friend, you shouldn’t make a habit of backing out frequently. This comes across as rude and unkind, and people don’t appreciate excessive refusals. However, close friends know that sometimes you just need to change plans. Remember to only do this sparingly, and be considerate with your words.

  • Would you be mad if I bailed tonight? I really need some “me” time.
  • Do you mind if we try for another night?
  • I guarantee I will be more energetic if we can reschedule this for another night.

Overall, coming across polite, kind, and sincere with any bad news, can make the difference in how it is perceived. The next time the introvert in you is crying out for attention, try to let those around you down gently.

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