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How To Stop Cutting Yourself: A Personal Journey

Depressed Man Looking For A SolutionRecently, a very dear friend of mind revealed a deep secret she had never shared with anyone else before: she is a recovering cutter. “Cutting” is a form of self-mutilation in which people cope with stress, depression, anxiety, and more by making small cuts on their bodies. This process is dangerous for a variety of obvious reasons, but the dopamine rush that comes from it makes it just like a drug to get hooked on. For many people, it is nearly impossible to get past.

While cutting tends to be most prevalent in teens and young adults, anyone can be susceptible to it. If you have had issues with cutting in the past, the tips below will hopefully help you recover and move on. It took my friend years to get over her cutting addiction, but she followed the steps below to create a better life for herself in the present.

Draw When You Feel The Urge To Cut

When you feel the need to cut coming on, you might be able to counteract it by drawing. Art is a form of self-expression that allows your mind to focus on something other than the source of your cutting. It allows you to spill your emotions out on a canvas without having to harm your body in the process. If a simple sketch pad is not enough for you, get a set of washable markers or face paint to put directly on your skin. Doodle a stunning creation on the top of your leg or in the area where you are most tempted to cut. This should sooth your urges.

Find Someone To Talk To

Most cutters only feel the need to cut when they are feeling alone. If you have a friend or therapist to call on, you might be able to talk your way through your emotions and avoid self-mutilation entirely. This is a lot like the process of counting to 10 in an argument to calm yourself down. Once your mind can get past the freak out stage, you can move on to a better form of recovery.

Consider The Root Of The Problem

What is making you cut? Is it memories from the past, circumstances in the present, or concerns for the future? No matter what the source of your cutting may be, you need to find a way to conquer it. This may mean confronting someone you harbor emotions against or working with a counselor to get over your past. This is the hardest part of the process, but it is by far the most rewarding.

Find A Reason To Celebrate

Rather than feeling depressed about the way your life is, you should find something new to¬†celebrate. Go to a salon and ask for a complete makeover. Take some classes online to learn more about a subject you love. Do something nice for someone else in your life so you can feel like you are making a difference in someone’s life. Most importantly, tell yourself the following every day in the mirror: You ARE important. You DO matter. One of these days, you’ll actually start to believe that.

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