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Finding Happiness After Losing A Loved One

Moving On After Losing A Loved OneLosing a friend or family member can be incredibly difficult to get over, especially in the case of a parent or spouse. While you may not ever be able to get back to a “normal” life after the loss, there are things you can do to regain your happiness. If you have recently lost someone near and dear to you, the tips below will help you start to see the positive parts of the world again. Here are ways to find happiness after losing a loved one.

Don’t Feel Guilty For Being Happy

A lot of people get into the mindset that they have to be miserable because their loved one suffered before death. They feel guilty for being happy because they know the pain their friend or family member went through. No matter how much torment you try to put yourself through, you cannot take away your loved one’s suffering. All you can do is try to honor their life in the days that follow the passing.

Become An Embodiment Of Your Loved One’s Best Features

Instead of mourning your loss day in and day out, make an effort to exemplify all of the positive traits that made your loved one so special. This is the best way to honor someone after death because you are passing their light onto the rest of the world. Something as simple as an old joke or a fun trivia fact can help your loved one live on long after they leave the earth. You get to be the one to pass the torch onto the next generation.

Know That You Will Never Forget

Another fear that many people have after losing a loved one is that they will not be able to remember the person when they really need to. No matter what you do in life, you are never going to be able to forget this person entirely. You may lose certain smells and memories over time, but the important ones will always stick with you. Then when you least expect it, you’ll pass by something or someone on the street that brings back all of those memories once again.

Moving on after death is not a matter of being selfish. It is what your loved one would have wanted for you. Would you want them to suffer if the situation was reversed? Of course not. Remind yourself of that every day you reluctantly smile out in public, and you will soon find happiness once again.