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Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Skills Conquering Conflict 

A conflict can be defined as a difference of opinions, collision, or clashing. These types of disagreements immediately ignite opposition and incompatibility, leading to a multitude of problems many people exploring counseling face on a daily basis.

It is important to remember that conflict is not limited to a clash between two people, but rather inner discord is just as damaging.

When conflict arrives, the feelings of stress, anxiety, and fear often get placed at the forefront of your emotions. These underlining pressures can then lead to more serious consequences, such as anger and violence.

Dealing with conflict can be handled with a few simple strategies, enabling you to be better prepared the next time turmoil arises:

  • Embrace the Opportunity: By changing your perception of conflict from negative to positive, you have now opened up new doors to resolving problems.This method allows you to dive into your creative mind, making way for opportunity and transformation. Accept change and embrace the growth and chance to learn something new from a difficult situation.
  • Accept the Inevitable: Conflict cannot be avoided. It is a normal behavior between all species, but the difference human’s hold is the mental ability to adjust our opinion. Don’t let yourself fall victim to your inner demons.Rise above the conflicting situation by finding peaceful outcomes, without resorting to violent or angry behavior.
  • Collaborate and Compromise: People who understand that everyone holds a difference in objectives, prefer to collaborate with others. This often leads to a more ideal mediation and optimal solutions, while at the very least, partially satisfying a group.By letting go of a few of your “wants” for the higher good, you are able to focus on the core issue of the conflict, and have a better understanding of how to resolve the issue.
  • Be A Good Listener: When dealing with conflicts with other people, your physical reaction to the other person can be the biggest factor in resolving problems.Make sure to carefully listen to the other person’s concerns, while tailoring any response with viable solutions, based on how they communicated. Taking the time to listen allows you to better defend your own personal position on a topic.

Regardless of your tactic, the goal for resolving conflict is always coming up with a solution to alleviate the issue and move on.

Whether you’re experiencing negative inner dialogue or a disagreement between people, slowing down and looking at all sides of a position is the most effective way to combat any conflict that comes your way.

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