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Author Archives: Christopher Bower

Overcoming Addiction And Addictive Thinking

Addiction is a harmful dependence for drugs, alcohol or activities such as sex or gambling that affect the day-to-day functioning of a person. For someone who struggles with addiction, there is a very strong compulsion which can only be satisfied through the source of their vice. People who struggle with this dependence are often unaware […]

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Understand And Manage Your Anger

Anger is very commonly perceived as a negative and sometimes dangerous emotion, anger can be dealt with in a very positive and healthy manner when better understood and properly managed. Most people show hostility if they feel threatened, attacked, hurt or mistreated, and in some cases the anger we feel needs to be properly channeled. This […]

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Understanding Depression

Unfortunately, sadness is a part of life and a normal emotion most people have or will experience. It is often associated with depression, but the two are actually not one in the same. Sadness is an emotion, while depression is an ongoing condition that requires professional treatment and sometimes medication. Please understand, depression can be […]

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