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At-Home Anxiety Therapy Techniques For Michigan Teens: Part 2

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Continued from Part 1

Identify Items In Your Surroundings

When you start feeling anxious, you can reduce your symptoms by identifying familiar parts of your environment. This is a common technique used in PTSD therapy, but it works just as well for teenage anxiety. Acquainting yourself with your surroundings will help you feel safe and secure, especially if you are in a place that you spend a lot of time in. For instance, in your bedroom, you may identify your television, your favorite poster, the pillow you sleep on, etc.

If you feel anxiety symptoms while out in public, you may get in the habit of identifying things in your surroundings before the panic ever sets in. Just take a moment to look at the features of the room you are in. It will only take a few seconds, and it will give you places to focus on if a panic attack does in fact occur.

Understand Your Anxiety Triggers

Anxiety covers a wide range of emotions, thoughts, and feelings. It affects every Michigan teen a little differently. You can work with an anxiety therapist in Michigan to get a better understanding of why you feel anxious, what triggers your anxiety, and what you can do to minimize the effects of those triggers. You may not be able to get rid of the anxiety entirely, but you can stop it from taking control of your life.

If you know that certain situations make you more nervous than others, you can work on gradually becoming more comfortable with those scenarios. For example, if you feel anxious in large crowds, you may try going to a movie theater during a slow time. After you get comfortable with a small crowd, you could move up to a slightly busier time of the day. The ultimate goal would be to be able to attend a movie during the peak hours.

Remember That You Are Stronger Than Your Anxiety

You have the power to control your anxiety. Do not let it stop you from reaching your goals. If you have issues at school, talk to your teachers about your anxiety and adjustments you can make to better your education. You could try sitting in a different part of class or asking if you can leave a couple minutes early to avoid the crowds in the halls. Your instructors will work with you to help you succeed.

The best way to conquer your anxiety is to work with a professional anxiety counselor who specializes in teen counseling. The compassionate therapists here at Metro Detroit Counseling would be more than happy to assist you. Contact (248) 269-9783 to learn more about our anxiety therapy programs for teens.