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Adults & ADHD

Counseling Service For ADHD AdultsScience and medicine has come a long way in recent years, giving us more early warning signs to issues that we never really understood. Children are more commonly diagnosed, and treated, with conditions such as ADHD, making them more successful adolescents and adults. But, what about those adults that didn’t have the opportunity for early intervention? More adults of today are being diagnosed with ADHD, and are starting to do begin the legwork for dealing with their disability. While only about 6% of the United States population is comprised of ADHD, without treatment, functioning can sometimes become impossible. Below are a few of the most common symptoms of ADHD that appear in adults:

  • Depression & Anxiety: Do you often find that you’re upset with yourself? Do you start a task and never get around to finishing it? Are you frustrated with seeing everyone around you moving on, and you feel that you’re stuck? All of these emotions are connected, causing you to experience low self-esteem. The anxiety factor then causes you to feel overwhelmed. When mixed together, your life becomes stagnant and unappealing.
  • Procrastination: While there are many reasons why people procrastinate, those with ADHD incorporate into their daily lives. Things get pushed until the last possible second, not because of laziness, but because the thought of the task has been completely forgotten. Sometimes, adults with ADHD procrastinate, because they feel that the immediate pressure of a situation will help them stay more focused and in the moment. Likewise, completing the easy portion of a task, and putting off something hard, is common and requires less focus.
  • Relationship Issues: Does your partner feel that he or she cannot rely on you? Do you feel like you can’t be trusted? Resentment from picking up the pieces of ADHD adults is common in relationships. These partners feel that they have to work overtime, to make up for the things they feel you are lacking.
  • Priority Problems: When you don’t know how to organize your day, or the importance of tasks you have to accomplish, things tend to get pushed aside or never addressed. Consequently, you always feel that everything needs to be completed at one time, and are more likely to get nothing done at all. By default, you will tend to side with things that are quick and easy to complete, but may not be the most critical.
  • Drug Abuse: If you are suffering from ADHD in adulthood, and it has not been diagnosed, you have probably found other coping methods. Drugs and alcohol may allow you to focus for a short period of time. But, there is always a high level of danger with these methods, which can circle back around to increased depression and anxiety.

If you feel that you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, we encourage you to give us a call. The therapists at Metro Detroit Counseling can help you find realistic and manageable ways to handle your ADHD. Call us today and start getting back on track! (248) 295-2750