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Addiction Information

Addiction And Life Wooden SignpostAddiction can cause even the most normally highly functioning person to become almost completely non-functioning. It can also hide itself in highly functioning people as well. The most well established CEO can be having a horrible addiction and that’s the thing about addiction…nobody can know about it for a long time if people hide it well enough. Addiction is funny that way.

People can become addicted to the most obvious and frequently talked about things such as prescriptions, alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, and legal drugs. Then there are such other things people can get addicted to like food, dessert, sex and gambling. Other addictions include video games, internet and exercise. Addictions cause problems when it interferes with work, relationships, life in general or a person’s health.

Addictions can be a chemical dependence or a psychological one. It depends on the addiction. Some people may not need to have the drug chemically in their system but their brain may think they do, so they have a psychological dependence to it. And vice versa. Your brain may think it doesn’t need tobacco but chemically, it does. There has been much research done around addiction over the years. Some (Hall 2010) say there are genetic links and predispositions to addiction and others (Hari, 2015) state that there are no links to at all. Whether you are struggling with addiction or know someone who is, arguing over whether it is a genetic problem or a new problem never seen in your family doesn’t matter when someone you love needs help.

Some daily habits that often people think can be harmless later turn into an addiction that they cannot change without the help of others. Treatment for addiction usually requires that a person acknowledge first they have a problem that needs to be rectified. Once a person realizes they have a problem they need help with, and they seek treatment, they can find the right option that works best for them. Depending on the type of addiction, there are hospitalization treatments both in-patient and out-patient and there are counseling services that help with addictions and counseling groups that can help people overcome their addictions.

Even though addiction can be difficult to come to terms with, in the end getting treatment and help for it can be a learning and a life changing experience that can better yourself in the long run to help you make a lifetime of happiness for yourself, your family and your friends.