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A Safe Place To Express Yourself

Self HelpAnxiety, fear, worries; these are all symptoms that hinder us from speaking our minds and communicating our true feelings. We often thank it is safer to keep our emotions bottled up inside than to risk the chance for criticism or opposition. While this may be initially more comfortable, chances are that comfort will not last long.

Restricting yourself and holding back is not a natural human attribute. Unfortunately, these habits occur when traumatic events of communication or expression have caused us to close our mouths and lock everything inside. You’re emotionally withdrawn, physically unavailable, mentally turned off, and it is apparent to everyone around you. Because you’ve become withdrawn, finding the strength to communicate that you cannot overcome these barriers is a arduous challenge in itself.

Coincidentally, research has shown that getting over the fear of expressing ourselves is the biggest hurdle to achieving clear and effective communication. Admitting your shortcomings out loud will actually put those insecurities at bay. By acknowledging any fears, you will be less inclined to think about them more often, and more likely to succeed. Verbalizing will help you take back control of life.

It’s no secret that confidence shines. When you exude positive awareness, those surrounded by you will feel your energy and are more likely to follow suit. Finding that self-assurance can be challenging, but with the compassionate guidance of a therapist, you can experience the passion for life that will make you feel amazing.

Safe Self ExpressionUnderstand that your feelings are just as valuable as the feelings of others. Your emotions are worthy and you should feel confident and free to express them to anyone. By allowing yourself to take charge and speak your mind, you will be teaching your family and friends that THEIR own ideas and beliefs are to be valued as well. Be an example for others; you’re the only one standing in your way.

Here are some tips that can help you start your journey towards better self-expression:

  • Writing: Find your voice on paper. This medium allows you to articulate your true feelings without the fear of criticism.
  • Silence: Creating a calm and quiet environment will allow you to dive deep within your thoughts and understand who you really are and want to be.
  • Simplify: Start with small conversations, and say what you really mean. Eliminate the excuses and justifications, and accept your personal opinions.
  • Ignore: Defeat judgment by giving it no room to breathe! Whether the negative perception is coming from others, or even yourself, just make the decision to let it all go.
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